Referrer Spam

I’ve been getting spam referrers in my referrer list for the past few days. I already have a list of domains/URLs that don’t make it onto my page of referrers. They are in my log file, but don’t show up on the page when you look at the list.

This list was originally to keep robots out of the list and links to myself. It easily adapted to get rid of these spamers. I looked around the net for a list of spammer URLs that others have run into but didn’t find one. So I’m providing a link to my list. It needs to be clear the first few domains are not spam, they are robots I don’t want in the list. There is nothing wrong with them.

A little more searching found this blog entry on how to get rid of comment spam in MT. He has a list of URLs that he filters out and I added it to the bottom of my list. I had to remove the comments because of the way my script works.

I also added a weird string “search?encquery” to filter out these weird URLs from AOL that look like searches, but have random text in them and no query.

On a related note remember you can see my list of search engines as well. This is the list used in my referrer script to display search results.

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by t.A.T.u.
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by Elton John
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by Cars

Photography thoughts

If you’ve been reading the blog long, you know I want to get into photography more and really want to move up to a digital SLR. But I’m having second thoughts.

Right now I’m in the process of selling my old stand alone TIVO on eBay. I’m hoping to get around $200, but will probably get less. So hopefully I’m going to have around $200 to spend on a new camera. Right now I have a Nikon 4004, which is a film SLR that I’m not real happy with because it doesn’t have any way to tell what you exposure settings are and very minimal metering. I also just bought a 70-300mm Nikon zoom for it.

My recent thought has been I will sell the 4004 and take that money and the other money and buy a N80. Which would get me a much better film camera.

But I really want a digital camera because the cost of use is much lower. There is no processing cost because I mostly don’t need prints. Also there is immediate feedback on the quality of the picture you just took. Obviously the optimal thing would be to get a Digital SLR but they are very expensive. Even the new Canon Digital Rebel is $999.

This weekend is my 20th High School reunion and I was thinking I’d like to take some pictures. Friday night there’s a meet up at a local Blues club and I’m thinking taking a 35mm SLR would be a pain to carry around all night. What I really need is a point and shoot digital that would fit in my pocket.

So now I’m thinking I should give up this whole SLR idea for a few years and get a digital point and shoot. But that seems a cop out.

I don’t know I’m conflicted.

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album Ray Of Light
by Madonna
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album Version 2.0
by Garbage
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album Beautiful Garbage
by Garbage

Getting outed as a Blogger

Most of my real world friends and acquaintances don’t know about Reactuate. My best friend knows but he doesn’t read it.

TOTAL ASIDE:You know every time I call him my best friend I feel a little guilty. The Mrs. is just as close or closer to me. I don’t have any secrets from her, but he gets labeled best friend because that’s what he’s been since I was a teenager.

As I wrote in one of those posts I haven’t posted, I’ll deal with it when I get outed. Someday someone will find my blog I didn’t want to. Maybe someone from church. Or a relative. Maybe my mom.

Here is a blog where the author got found out by people she had blogged about and how it effected their relationships. And how she now has to change the blog.

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by Fine Young Cannibals

Photo Captions

She’s never gonna get that hand clean. or She should have stink-handed him.

She deserves a good one but I can’t really think of one in good taste.

What you talking about willis? ( And no I’m not implying Gary Colman is a dog. That’s just the expression.)

How will they know the difference?

Babe doing hard time

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album Greatest Hits
by Bruce Springsteen
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album Come On Over
by Shania Twain

High School Reunion

I’m going to my 20 year high school reunion this weekend. They just sent me a questionnaire to fill out. They want to gather statistics on the class as a whole and don’t ask for names, though since it is email they could figure it out.

1.  How many kids do you have? 2

2.  How many years have you been married? 15

3.  How many times have you been married? 1

4.  How many degrees do you have? 2

5.  How many years did it take you to graduate college? 6 the first time. 4 the second

6.  How many times have you moved since High School graduation?
7 not counting inter-city moves.

7.  Do you live with your parents? No.

8.  Do you live in Kingwood? Yes

9.  How many of you served in the Armed Forces?
Not me.

10.  Do you own your own business?
Kind of.