Via Instapundit: A reporter discusses wether it is bigotry to call all Republican’s assholes.

He never seems to define bigotry except by implication that it is being “intolerant and mean” toward some group of people. Its like racism, which is usually defined as not liking people because of their race. Actually it is often defined even more strongly as not liking people of another race, even if the reason has nothing to do with their race. For example, if a black person is rude to me and I don’t like him, I’m considered racists by some. I think this later definition is really only used for political or psychological gain. But real legal definition of racism involves action, not just feeling. I can only practice racism, not think or feel it. Only if I have the power to hurt, physically or economically, as I a racist.

Probably you don’t want you kids to grow up hating a group of people because of their race, or skin color, wether they have the power to hurt those people or not. So the middle, feeling definition works practically. Now what about bigotry? When I started this entry I would have said it required action, but now I don’t know. If it required action, the only bigot in the story was the woman who left the table when she found out he was a Republican. Which is stupid because a lot of people marry people from other parties and do fine.

But given a feeling definition I’d have to now agree with the author these people are bigots, because they feel hatred toward a group of people because of their political beliefs. Frankly political beliefs aren’t equivalent to moral beliefs. My personal opinion is most people want the same things from government, they just want them in different ways. They want government to help people live happy lives. For some that means there should be as little government as possible, so people can make their own happiness. For others that means there needs to be a lot of government to make their happiness happen.

Guess that’s why it is good to have two parties, because some people are going to need government help and some aren’t. Not forcing a compromise will leave one group out. Now I’m going to go with the let people make their own happiness, because there is just way too much government interference with people’s lives right now.

One thing not mentioned is are Republican’s bigots toward Democrats? Given that “liberal” has become a curse word, I’d have to say there are definitely some. And I confess to ill feelings when I read liberal rants, but I’m not willing to put all Democrats in the same boat, which is guess is what makes something bigotry. You have to generalize people and feel bad toward them.

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Salam Pax

Iraqi blogger Salam Pax has been found and will be writing for the UK Guardian. An interesting if pressified story about him.

Instapundit says change was to make it politically correct. I think that’s true only if making the Guardian look good is political correctness. They changed it so people won’t think Salam thinks the Guardian is related to the devil.

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Atkins Day 3

I feel much better today. Most all of the grogginess is gone, as are the aches and pains. I’ve been eating a lot of meat. Had half a pound (before cooking) of bacon last night. I don’t think I’ve had bacon in over a year at the least.

Weight is down again today by about .4 lbs. I’m not sure I should be checking it daily, but Atkins claims are like that. They promise at least six pounds in two weeks for a guy. It would take me at least 4 weeks to lose that in BFL. So if I do 9 pounds in 14 days I would see change every day. If I did 12, which is the high end for guys, that change would be almost a pound a day. As a matter of fact the Atkins website says not to lose more than a pound a day.

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sexmap_thumb.jpgWas reading a new blog from H-Town blogs and had to comment about sex with out the kids, including in the car. This got me to thinking if it was a good idea to make a sexual comment the first time you go to a blog. Especially when I generally avoid talking about sex on my blog. So I decided I need to talk about sex on my blog.

My wife and I have kept track of all the states (as in United States, not mental states) we had sex in. When we were newly married we had sex at rest stops just so we could add the state. That’s how we got Missouri when going from Indiana to Arkansas (to the thrill of some college girls who happen to walk by at the time). Here’s a map. Red states are the one’s we’ve done it in.

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Left-wing/right-wing and Liberatarianism

Was reading on tx.guns to fill some time and came across an argument that someone was more right-wing than Genghis Khan. He mentioned the definition of right-wing on the Wikipedia and I went over to read it. I doubted the Genghis Khan was a right-winger as I understand the term. But after reading the definition I’d still not qualify Khan as right-wing because he tore down a lot of institutions. But I also wouldn’t qualify Republican’s as right-wing. I basically say the left/right wing definition is just bogus and tells us nothing about the beliefs of a political party.

I’ve always liked some of the beliefs of Libertarianism, having a good friend that is Libertarian, but felt they weren’t willing to say what was wrong. They couldn’t make up their minds. Having read the Wikipedia definition I have a tendency to give them more of a break. I’m very pro-life, but I know that there are Libertarians who are too, but they aren’t the mainstream. I understand there arguments, which are standard pro-choice arguments, but I feel abortion violates the basic right to live of unborn people, which if the Libertarian gave the unborn the rights of an individual, they’d protect. Or they’d have to deal with a sticky place where the rights of two people conflict.

UPDATE: Wikipedia entry Libertarian Controversy_on_Abortion
Do Libertarian’s have a hierarchy of rights? Are some more important than others? Does the more important trump the less important?

Still I’m probably not voting Libertarian in any upcoming elections, because they just won’t win. I’ll keep voting Republican and disagree with some issues from a Libertarian view point.

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Atkins Day 2


My head is killing me. I’m groggy and was nauseous this morning. This is to be expected, and the worse it is, the better it’s suppose to be for you. It’s sugar withdrawals. I’m addicted and this is going cold turkey.

Find I want snack food. I’m not sure if I’m really hungry at these times, but I’m definitely used to snacking on sugary things. I got some Slim Jim beef jerky, which was the highest in fat, but the lowest in sugar at Costco. Didn’t expect beef jerky to have sugar in it, but the low fat turkey jerky I’ve been eating for months has 5g per serving.

UPDATE:Forgot to mention, I lost 1.4 pounds yesterday. I know it was water, but it was fast.

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