Just wrong food

Not since Muscle Media published a story about chocolate covered lard candy in the Russia have I seen a worse food idea than this.

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Babylon 5


I’m a fan of Babylon 5 – yet another SF show I liked and it went away – and thought I’d post a couple of related links.

First the second season is available on DVD. I pre-ordered it but haven’t had a chance to watch it.

Second I found a site on the relative size of various SF space ships, and noticed while they have a bunch of B5 vessels, they were missing the Minbari War Cruiser. So I went looking for its size and found the B5 Tech Manual, which is really cool. The War Cruiser is 1600 meters long by the way.

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Good quote

Via Illuminent:

“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there and worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the loss of sleep.” — Dale Carnegie

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. At least getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Doesn’t help I’ve been catching up on my NetFlix. Watched the first 4 episodes of The Shield last night. Till 12:30.

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Slides v. Negatives

Blew my posting streak by not posting yesterday. But I did shoot a roll of slide film and finish a roll of negative film. The negatives were mostly snapshots and pictures of my son’s soccer game. I shot Fuji film this time.

Last weekend we went to the beach and I shot 3 rolls of color Kodak and one roll of B&W. I took them to Wal-mart to get developed (because they were one of the few 1-hr places open on Easter Sunday). Didn’t really like how they turned out. Decided I’d shoot Fuji this time to see if there was a difference. Not a really fair comparison because this weeks pictures were under bright skys and last weeks were under cloudy.

But I have to say the Fuji pictures seem to have brighter colors.

Also they were developed at Walgreen’s 1-hr. I’m trying to find a cheap, good place to get pictures made. Preferably one that can make digital versions of them. The girl at Walgreens told me they are getting a totally new machine that is all digital next Friday and they will be able to make PhotoCDs then.

I bought a roll of Kodachrome slide film while there, though she told me they would have to send it off to develop it and it would take a week to get it back.

One of the advantages of slide film is it is suppose to have a higher dynamic range. It can show more shades of the same color. And it is suppose to have a higher resolution. So I decided I would shoot pictures of the brightest colored thing I own, my red Firebird in the bright Houston sun. And since I ultimately would like to shoot pictures of beautiful women, I posed my wife in front of it for some of the shots.

There is another place here in Kingwood that said they could do slides overnight, so I took the slides there to be developed. I talked to them some and they said they could make PhotoCDs of slides or prints. They said they could make KodakCDs of prints, but not slides. Seems they have a slide scanner and can put multiple rolls on one PhotoCD. [OK, the net says these are the same thing. I’ll have to ask more questions next time.]

So I will be getting my first slides back on Monday. I’m wishing I had told them to scan them now, as I really have no way of viewing the slides. I could look for a cheap photo table.

I’ll post some scans as soon as I get them.

Here is a really great post/article on Slides vs. Negatives.

HDTV Camcorder

Was reading a Slashdot thread on the first “consumer” HD camcorder and came across this interesting comment (something of a rarity for Slashdot :>)

I shoot 16mm film alot for work. I get a good Fiju color negative for about $35 per 400 foot role. 400 feet = 12 minutes. So seeing as the minimum time requirement for a feature length film is 90 minutes we can start to figure out the average cost of a small film. Let’s be generous and only say they are shooting 10:1 ratio (10 takes for every one you use). That means we need to shoot 900 minutes of film. Now 900 minutes divides by 12 minutes (1 role) gives us 75 roles of folm to complete the movie. Now let’s multiply the roles by $35 ot costs us per role and you end up with $2,625. This is not including developing, negative cutting or AB rolling. Let take the 900 minutes we need and let’s see how much miniDV tapes will cose. I get them 3 for $10 at the local drug store. Each is 60 minutes, but at full DV I really only get 30 minutes out of them. So 900 minutes divide by 10 minutes per tape gives us 30 tapes we need to get. Now they come in packs of 3 so let’s divide by 3 again and we get 10. So 10 packs x $10 = $100 I believe you can see just in the cost to shoot DV(at $100) is far cheaper than film (at $2,625)

This is interesting because it means amateur film makers can shoot on a media with the same quality as feature film makers. The reason a lot of student film people use 16mm is the cost. Not all feature films are shot on 35mm, which is roughly what HD give you, some are shot on 70mm. But just this morning I heard a movie review on TV for Real Cancun and they mentioned it was shot on HD and “looked really good”. High praise from a film critic.

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Testing something

I’m working on the redesign of Reactuate and I plan on having the referrer lists as links instead on on every page. I think they are slowing down loading every page. I hate to have static pages on my site because I like to be able to change the Nucleus templates and all of my pages change. So my test is to see if I can embed Nucleus keywords in a post and have them evaluated. If I can then I could enter a post with the referrer tag and use as the target of my referrer link.

Here goes.

UPDATE: So it didn’t work at first, but I found this post and made the change and it works now. It says its dangerous to allow this if you have multiple users posting but I’m the only one posting so it shouldn’t be a problem. Also noticed the image keyword. Need to check out what that is.

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Netflixs algorithm

Some guy did an analysis of how Netflixs determines who gets popular titles. I’m a Netflixs subscriber and am a little upset that I’m moved down in availability because I use the service. I’d especially be pissed if I paid more than the basic so I could have more movies and was penalized for it. I’ve waited over a month of the first disk of the Sopranos second season, and now I wonder if it was because I rented a lot of other movies.

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