Republican Babes

Been a week of politics on the site and I haven’t done any babes in a while. After reading the Bruce Willis article I went looking to see if there were any other conservative actors out there and found an interesting site called Republican Babe of the Week.

It was good to see some women I really liked on the list. As Babylon 5 fan I was happy to see Traci Scoggins. When I was young I had this Cheryl Ladd poster that shocked my grandmother to no end. Kathy Ireland, Heather Locklear and Shannen Doherty. Not sure I buy the last one.

Joining the army

An interesting story I heard on radio this morning about Bruce Willis wanting to join the army.

I totally identify with this. About 6 months ago I actually went to all the military websites looking to see what the cut off age was. Alas it is at the latest 35. And I’m passed that.

I almost joined both the Marines and the Army during college, but my eyesight was too bad. Of course now my eyes have been fixed but I’m too old. I’m not sure they would let me join with LASIKed eyes anyway. I know the Secret Service and the FBI won’t.

Hiccup Cure

Had the hiccups this morning and tried the usual stuff to get them to go away. Hold you break, drink water, hypnotize yourself. Nothing worked. So I turned the fount of wisdom – the internet.

And found the Huges/Green Hiccup Cure. Worked like a charm. I’m still sitting here 10 minutes later waiting for them to start up again.

NOTE:I don’t endorse any of the theology you may find on the same site as the hiccup cure.

Prepare to be pissed

Okay so I’m spending a lot of time in the conservative area of the web today looking at the war with iraq issues. Found some really interesting things.

But this should piss both sides off. You just don’t pick on kids about their parents even if you don’t approve of what those parents are doing.


Today I had to subscribe to TidBITS a Macintosh newsletter I’ve subscribed to off and on for as long as I’ve owned a Mac. Which is a long time, considering it has been my livelihood for 12 years. The editor spent a third of this weeks issue tell us how he was angry and sad about the war in Iraqi.

I’m just getting tired of the anti-war, anti-Bush rhetoric from the left. All of the reasons people give don’t hold water with me, while they never want to address the problem of Hussan’s defiance of the UN for the last 10 years. Now we are rushing to war.

On a related note, here’s a blog listing all of the UN resolutions against Iraq over the last 12 years

There are lots of problems in the world, but the ones most dangerous to the US are coming out of the Middle East. One was obvious Afghanistan, though they didn’t have the weapons Iraq has and the people we knew were the terrorist we not the government. But we went in and freed the people of that country and changed an unjust and oppressive government. Just like we are going to do in Iraq.

Some would say we shouldn’t because we supported Iraq once many years ago and that in someway makes us responsible to Hussan’s behavior ever since. Does anyone remember why we supported Iraq? Because they were attacking a country that had taken our diplomats hostage and kept them for over a year, while the US did nothing. Then days before a new “pro-war”, ie. tough, determine and willing to do what it took, president was sworn in, they let them go. They understood the threat of a determine US.

Any way there are lots of reasons for (2) this war and they have been delineated all over the web. I don’t need to spend a lot of time on it.

As this blog is more personal than that, the point of this post is I’m tired of listening to people on left talk about how they represent me and the people I know. It just isn’t true. I work in a small company in Houston and all of the people here are “pro-war”. We all think it is a good idea to stop Hussan no matter what France or Germany say. This weekend there will be a Rally For America (2) here in Houston. Normally I wouldn’t go, but my feelings of backlash