D.J. Wallis was featured on this site a few weeks ago as a consummate fitness babe. Today I found her website and thought I’d post it an new pictures from it.

I love some of the copy that goes with her pictures from magazines. Like, “No bathing suit can contain all of her sultry beauty. This budding fitness superstar has the look of a classic Hollywood star. Her warm demeanor and dewy eyes invite her audience to dove right in.” or “D.J. Wallis isn’t a product of some human coloning experiment, but rather natural selection at its finest, combining brans and brawn with a down-to-earth affability that belies her truly outstanding DNA.”

How Nukes work

I was watching a history channel show about the secret bunker made to save the government in the event of nuclear war and they talked about the history of nuclear weapons. One of the things they mentioned was the creation of the A-bomb and then the H-bomb. So I went looking for what was the difference. Never did find that out, unless one is a fission bomb and the other a fusion bomb.

But I did find out how they work on How Stuff Works



Got a new toy this weekend. A DirectTV satellite receiver with TIVO built in. I wanted the receiver because satellite’s picture is so much better and with the TIVO built in you get a great TIVO picture.

See with a normal TIVO you take an analog TV picture, which isn’t that great to start with, and then you digitize it. Since this is done in real time there is only so good a job you can do. This means you lose some quality.

With a satellite receiver you don’t do any compression because the satellite is already sending a compressed digital signal to your computer. Satellite providers have entire rooms of processing power doing the compression and they get really good compression. Then this signal is just saved to the hard drive in your TIVO.

I used to have a Dish Network DishPlayer which worked like this. I did like it, but once I used a TIVO for a while I understand what really good software can do. TIVO just does it right.

Of course the bad news it that it looks like my DirectTIVO is broken. I hooked up the dish and it died during set up and now it won’t even let me see what the signal strength is. And this happen after Best Buy was closed so I couldn’t take it back. Oh well, delayed gratification is a character builder.

Weigh day

A little disappointed today. It is weight and measurement day and while I was down a pound of scale weight over last week, my scale says it was muscle loss. I actually think it was water weight. Yesterday I had a Quizno’s low fat sandwich for two meals ( half a regular each meal). The fat and carbs are OK in that sandwich, but the sodium is outrageous. 1435 mg.

I’m starting to not trust my scale. It has been all over the place. We’re going to look for some calipers today. I don’t trust calipers much because when we did BFL a couple a years ago we had two people do it at the gym and their reading were 4% apart. We almost quit that week.

I used Fitday yesterday to calculate how much I was eating. My goals are to eat at least 180g protein each day, 20% of my calories from fat, and at least 1700 calories total and not more than 2000.

After meal 6 I had a little over 1200 calories. If added a MRS for my last meal I was still like 1400, way under. And my fat was like 15% of my calories and I didn’t have enough protein. So I talked myself into an extra meal that included and unauthorized Snickers bar, and a glass of no fat milk. Still inside my goals, and I did walk a quarter mile for the Snickers bar.

Here’s yesterday’s totals

Calories Eaten Today
source grams  cals %total
Total:   1946   
Fat: 39  354  19%
  Sat: 13  116  6%
  Poly: 59  3%
  Mono: 10  88  5%
Carbs: 197  726  39%
  Fiber: 16  0%
Protein: 193  770  42%
Alcohol: 0%

Rachel McLish


The other day a guy the BFL list I’m on said when he needed to push out a couple more refs he imagines Rachel McLish urging him on. That reminded me of Ms. McLish. She’s the “First Lady of Fitness”, and author of Flex Appeal and Perfect Parts. One of the early pioneers in women’s fitness. A multiple time winner of Miss. Olympia, before it became steroidized.


Of course it should be pointed out her breast are new. And I have to admit she looks better with them. But her body is the product of lots of hard work. And she has a beautiful face as well.

The internet is an amazing thing, but it failed me with Rachel. No it wasn’t because I couldn’t find new pictures. It was because I couldn’t find a biography of her. Did a google search and got a lot of link sites, but found no bio or personal website. Update: Did a yahoo search and found this page.

While looking for pictures I found the MagicLight Productions, which is the site of photographer Robert Reiff who did pictures of a lot of fitness babes. Including the watermarked picture of Rachel.

Top 10 Space Mystries

Space.com has a article listing the top ten space mysteries

I like this line from the origin of the solar system, “We’re left with an old theory that doesn’t work and a new one that is, in the words of its creator, a wild idea.”.

Space.com is cool and I should spend more time there.

Back in the groove

I’m back at work today and eating is a lot simpler. We has some really great turkey breast on Christmas and there is plenty of left overs for me. Had some for meal 2 already.

Thought I’d share a couple of links. I’ve never mentioned Dr. Hussman’s site, but it has a lot of really good info on fitness and doing BFL.

I had the urge for a burger for lunch. We have burgers at home, but we can control what goes on them there. But I did find nutrition info for a number of fast food places.

Wendy’s – I eat their grilled chicken sandwich often

McDonald’s – this place is a disaster.

Arby’s – their light menu looks good, but they don’t guarantee it is at every Arby’s.

Subway – Lots of low fat stuff here. Though you still need to watch overall calories.

Quizno’s – I eat off their low fat menu often. I’ll get the regular size and eat it in two meals.